Youth ministers

You’ve engaged them in relationships with each other and your church. You’ve invested in their spiritual growth and development. Now your students are reaching the milestone of high school graduation. What’s next for them?

Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) wants to be your partner in the continuing growth of these students by engaging them in reaching their campus and providing opportunities to serve around the world.

How do you do this?

Submit the names and contact information of your graduating seniors here.*

A BSM Director, church leader, or student leader from the college they plan to attend will contact them and invite them to new relationships that will engage them to follow Christ and transform the world.

Use your influential relationship to encourage their continued spiritual journey by engaging in BSM and church activities.

Remember the rhythms of college life – welcome them home during school breaks and holidays.

*We have provided a solution for youth ministers with a long list of students to enter. If you would like to send us your student information in bulk, please put it in an Excel spreadsheet and email it to us at . The columns of information we need are: First name, last name, cell phone number, email address, high school graduation year, school they plan to attend, and church they currently attend.

Please feel free to download this letter from youth minister to parents template.

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Churches around the state are partnering with BSMs at neighboring universities. Click here to browse a complete list of partnering churches.