What is Ahead

When someone says college, what comes to mind?

Most would say freedom, a new beginning, new friends, and a chance to redefine themselves. This is what I was seeking when I went to the campus involvement fair the first night of my freshman year. I could’ve joined a frat, the rugby team, the weightlifting team, but God had a plan for that night that I could’ve never imagined.

He led me to the Baptist Student Ministry.

At the time, I was a new Christian, I hadn’t been baptized, I hadn’t ever shared my faith openly, but none of that mattered. From the first moment, they took me in, offered to take me to a church, and became some of my best friends. They showed me the character of God, they taught me how to have a relationship with him, how to walk with him in love and faith. People will tell you that college is a spiritually dark place, full of sin and worldly things, but

God is greater than all of that.

Since I arrived in college, I have seen God work in ways that are unimaginable, I have attained a relationship with him that is unattainable, and I have experienced his grace time and time again.

There is one thing to look forward to above all else

and that is the next step of your relationship with God. Look forward to growing with him and trusting him in new environments. Look forward to being led by the spirit in every circumstance. Look forward to his abounding graces that are renewed daily. Most importantly, look up into the Heavens and search for the face of the God who gave everything for you, who loves you in every circumstance, in every situation. He’s there if you’re willing to look.


Written by Hunter, a student at Angelo State University.

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